37 hours work duty – a new work logic

37 hours work duty – a new work logic

The Government have in September 2021 come up with a proposal to a new employment action plan, for non-western immigrants, where 37 hours work duty shall get non- western immigrants out on the labor market.


The target group are citizens on SHO support (self-maintenance or repatriation- support), and receivers of cash assistance. The requirement of active participation every week is a duty. This means that if you don’t comply to the requirement of 37 hours of work duty, you get a reduction in your financial benefit.


The program will primarily consist of a utility effort at a public employer where you are asked to clean the beaches or woods, nature care at municipal areas, combating of invasive species, cleaning of ditches, brush cleaning etc.


The 37 hours of work duty will not only consist of a utility effort, but will be combined with conversations, Danish lessons, internships and/or ordinary work.


The most successful activation of non- western immigrants, whether they are newly arrived refugees or long term unemployed, has often turned out to be a combination of Danish lessons and internships or ordinary employment.


Another precondition for success is that the program considers the individual citizen’s situation and consider potential illness, physical and psychological state, when determining the weekly number of hours.


At KHRS we have good experiences with a holistic approach, where the combination of education upskilling, training in concrete industry directed modules, move the group of non- western immigrants from long term unemployment to ordinary jobs.


E-asylearn a digital learning platform

KHRS Academy offers an e-learning program in 24 specific industry directed modules via the app E-asylearn, which makes it easier for the user of the app to learn and complete the industry directed modules, because they are translated into ten different languages.


The learning modules are in Danish, and the user has trough the modules a possibility to learn Danish by getting the Danish words and industry related terms translated into their mother tongue. The app also gives the user a possibility to learn pronunciation of Danish words. Finally, the app is also customized the single user’s level and are suitable for users with dyslexia. Every single course can be divided into more sections, which the sound function is adjusted accordingly, so that the app does it easier for the user to navigate in the progress of the course.


Learning in a fun way

The learning has been made more pedagogical, because the modules are built up as small games and quizzes, which makes it more fun, easier and strengthen the motivation by the user of the app, to complete the single courses.


Multiple- choice tests, single-choice tests, puzzle words and puzzle cards are used as pedagogical tools to help the user of the app to understand the content of the course, like there are also small introduction videos included, which are meant to help visualizing important subjects and points during the course.



To summarize

If the government’s plans of a 37 hours work duty should become a success, our recommendation is:


  • The program should as far as possible be planned under consideration of the individual’s prerequisites and ambitions
  • Technical terms are optionally supported by mother tongue, so the citizen gets the optimal benefits of the language teaching
  • The planning of program/internship/upskilling course is as industry related as possible and brings the citizen closer to the labor market



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