For jobcentre

Our holistic approach ensures that the target group experiences professional and personal improvement. Our long-term goal is to improve the retention of the citizen, through an acknowledging and motivating approach.

For jobcentre

Our holistic approach ensures that the target group experiences professional and personal improvement. Our long-term goal is to improve the retention of the citizen, through an acknowledging and motivating approach.

Through long-lasting cooperative relations with multiple companies in the Copenhagen-area, we have a massive network which we use to help citizens into employment. As both a company and employer, we know the local businesses, especially within the service industry, retail, and the hotel- and restaurant industry.

Models of Action - For all citizens

In cooperation with the citizen, we will develop a concrete course of action, which is based on their resources, wishes, and realistic job possibilities.

The course focuses on the resources and competences of the individual citizens and supports the demand for work through a holistic approach. For every citizen who has been referred by a job center, there will be an individual screening, where the focus will be identification and clarification of qualifications, needs, challenges, and past work experiences. We want to build trust between the citizen and their contact person and guide them by the hand.
We want close cooperation and dialogue between the contact person and the job center. This is a criterion for the citizen to experience the willingness to solve potential problems throughout the course. It is instrumental that you listen and show a willingness to help.


Over the entire course, the citizen will be supported by a job mentor, whose function is to identify their resources and barriers, while simultaneously motivate the citizen.

Industry-oriented course for illiterate immigrant citizens or those with limited educational background

We tailor a hand-guided and employment-focused course, where we work with the participant step by step based on the screening. Our mentors, teachers, and employees all work with employment and provide support through motivation, responsibility, and adaptation.

Our employees are with the citizen all the way and ensure that potential barriers and challenges that are obstructive, will be pointed out and uncovered as early as possible.
We educate and train the participants in their mother tongue, at a pace they can keep up with, while utilizing educational theory and methods to ease the process of learning.
We teach in Danish and use visuals as a tool. For practical training, we utilize our own bilingual mentors. We assist the citizen in adapting to the Danish labour market. KHRS ApS will ensure that the citizen learns the basics about the labour market, including the employment system, writing CVs and applications. Furthermore, we will discuss the rules, demands, expectations, culture, and norms one must follow.

Industry-oriented course for immigrant citizens with language barriers

We succeed in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of already existing industry-oriented actions and are therefore well-equipped for creating a foundation that builds on a meaningful user-experience for the citizen. The presented theories and figures, build on documented and tested methods, which we have experienced as being fruitful when used in combination with our job-oriented actions over the years.

KHRS has developed course material in eight different languages: Arabic, Urdu, Kurmanji, Swahili, Kurdish, Turkish, Dari, Farsi, and Tigrinya for employees with language barriers that makes it difficult to understand work-instructions in Danish. The courses are in Danish and use the specific terms of the industries, which is supported by the mother-tongue of the employee.
The courses have an industry-specific approach, which means that the citizen gets taught and activated in the specific areas that are relevant to them, and in consideration of the business in question. This includes the demands and expectations that the business expects their employees to meet, which eases the process of upskilling and improvement of qualifications, despite individual challenges and difficulties.
The course material builds on visual and illustrative elements, directed at the specific target group of candidates, who require a more tailored course.

Activity-ready citizens

We tailor a course for the individual citizen, which starts with a professional evaluation, where the planning of the course focuses on the situation and potential challenges of the citizen. After an individual screening, we place the citizen in a specific category, based on our professional evaluation of their profile.
The success of the project relies the citizen having both a contact person who focuses on the aspect of employment and a resource-person who follows the daily life of the citizen closely.

Citizens with special needs

A specifically tailored and job-oriented course, where we work with the citizen step by step, based on an evaluation after their screening. We follow the citizen and identify their resources and competences, while focusing on finding minor jobs and internships.

Our mentors, teachers, and employees work with the action of employment to prepare the citizen to maintain paid hours, minor jobs, or internships, while receiving support and motivation.
Our employees follow the citizen closely to make sure that potential barriers and challenges are addressed and solved as early as possible.

The holistic approach, which is the foundation of our efforts with the target group, is the reason why the target group experiences professional and personal development. Our long-term goal is to improve the retention of the citizen, through an acknowledging and motivating approach. Besides the fact that the course makes it possible to offer the citizen employment or better education towards the end, the course can furthermore help identify and uncover potential challenges for the citizen, which can result in a flex-job or early retirement.

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