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E-asylearn is an e-learning platform that offers more than 24 job-centric courses in multiple different languages.

We have created a user friendly platform that upskills in multiple industries, by using pedagogical practices and gamification. E-asylearn has written and visual material that is easy to understand, which ensures the participant gets full value from the course and success. It also helps improving their Danish language skills.
To make it easier to place participants in relation to their educational level on E-asylearn, we have decided on the following levels. These levels, as well as the estimated time needed to finish the course, will be present in the description of every course.


Level 1: Dyslexia or limited teaching (at most, 7 years of school), potential language barriers.

Level 2: Basic elementary school (9 years of school), or a vocational education, EUX, or high school, which typically lasts for about 3 years. Potential skills in English.

Level 3: Short, medium, or longer educations, are educations that are continuations of vocational educations or high schools. These typically last 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 years.


All courses give a thorough explanation and upskilling for specific jobs, which improves the chances of acquiring a job.

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Job-centric courses in multiple languages

We offer 24 industry-specific courses, supported by the following languages:

  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk



We have integrated elements from gamification as a pedagogical tool and developed educational games, that are meant to support the active learning process of the participants.

The relation between pedagogy, communications, and technology is thoroughly thought through, and illustrated through our learning platform. The app is built in such a way that the singular participant, after being accepted, can select a language to support the understanding of the teaching. We have an increased focus on listening exercises, which is enabled by the translation feature to one’s mother tongue.

E-asylearn beskrivelse

Special tools for the dyslexic

To improve the basic skills of people with dyslexia and ensuring content of pedagogical and manageable character, it is naturally possible for users that choose Danish, to have the speaker feature in Danish as well.
Another assisting tool is the sectioning of the course, which the speaker feature accommodates for. This makes the course and the app itself much easier to navigate for the users.



To accommodate the dyslexic users, the written text is read aloud in their mother tongue. The speaker feature runs through the text in a way that allows the user to follow at their own pace.


To make the material more manageable, we have decided to divide every course into multiple sections. This is done to mark your current progress with the speaker feature for every section.



It is possible to have the material repeated, and access to all the exercises is unlimited, until you reach the final test.

Introductory videos

In the starting phase, the user watches an introductory video, which explains the goal, content, and structure of the course.


Instructional videos

When it comes to mediation, the visual aspect is decisive. For that reason, every course has videos of selected employees from KHRS, who perform the exercises correctly. The diversity that our employees represent in the videos helps create a feeling of togetherness and recognition for the users.

Guide videos

To instruct the user in how to carry out the exercises, games, and reading of the material, there will be a guide video for every section.


Multiple Choice

All questions are in Danish, but by using the translation feature in the app, they can be translated to one’s mother tongue. There is a speaker feature integrated into the multiple-choice part, where the user learns to pronounce the words in Danish. The integrated translation feature helps the user understand the word through their own language, while learning its correct pronunciation in Danish.

Single Choice

All questions are in Danish, but by using the translation feature, they can be translated to one’s mother tongue. As with the Multiple-Choice questions, there is a speaker feature that helps the user pronounce the words in Danish.

Puzzle Words

We make use of words and terms that are present in specific industries and translate them to the users’ mother tongues. The users drag the chosen term to the correct corresponding word in Danish, with four options to choose from. If the combination is correct, the user passes the exercise and can continue. If not, they are asked to repeat the exercise until they have done it successfully.

Puzzle Cards

Like with Puzzle Words, there is a visual feature that helps the understanding of the material through pictures.



We have gathered the most frequently asked questions here. You are welcome to contact us for further questions.

Check out the videos in the section above, for a thorough guide on how to sign up and access the app.

E-asylearn is currently available in 11 different languages:
Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, Pashto, Arabic, Ukrainian, Turkish, Tigrinya, Somali, and Urdu.

While subscribed or under a license deal, there is no limit to the number of courses you can sign up for. You have full access to everything.

When a course has been opened, you have 30 days to complete it.

The courses are divided into three parts. Teaching material where the student is introduced to the subjects in the courses, as well as important information that the student must learn in order to pass the course. Such information could be, for example, which temperatures are necessary to heat, or cool food or which hygiene measures are necessary to avoid the spread of bacteria.

These are the following four types of exercises:
• Puzzle Image, where the student must learn by pairing pictures with the right sentences or words. There is also a translation function here, where the text or words are read aloud in Danish.

• Puzzle Text, where the Danish words or sentences must be paired with corresponding words or sentences in the language the student has chosen. Here it is also possible to have the relevant words or sentences read aloud in Danish.

• Single Choice, where the student must answer yes or no to specific questions. Here it is also possible to have the questions read aloud in Danish.

• Multiple Choice, where the student must answer specific questions based on three options. Here, the student can also choose to have questions read aloud in Danish.

The final test is a form of final exam where the student must answer a series of questions that test the student’s knowledge of the content or topics of the course. The test is structured as a combination of the 4 types of exercises mentioned above. Once the student begins the final test, the student has 60 minutes to complete the test. Upon passing the course, it is possible to get a certificate issued as proof that the student has passed the course.

The subscription fee is 129 DKK per month.

You can find us at following address: Vibevej 20, 2400 København NV

Or contact us directly on the following phone number or e-mail:

+45 35362209


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