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E-asylearn is an e-learning platform that offers more than 24 industry-oriented courses in multiple languages. We have created a user-friendly platform, which upskills the user for different industries, by using pedagogical practices and gamification. E-asylean has both written and visual material that is easy to understand, which ensures the full outcome and success for the participant, while also improving their Danish language skills.

All courses give a thorough explanation and upskilling for specific jobs, which increases the chance of employment. See pricing of license agreements

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Job-oriented courses in multiple languages

We offer 24 industry specfic courses in Danish, supported by the following languages:

  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk


  • Ukrainsk



We have integrated elements of gamification as a pedagogical tool as well as created development-oriented and educational games, which supports the active learning process of the participant.

The relationship beween pedagogy, communication and techonology is thoroughly thought through and demonstrated on our learning platform. The app is made in such way, that after a acceptance- and placement test, the individual participant will have access to the appropriate level, as well as support from their chosen language besides Danish. We have an increased focus on listening exercises, which is made possible with the translation feature.

Special tools for the dyslexic

To improve basic skills amongst people with dyslexia, while ensuring the content is of a pedagogical and manageable character, it is naturally possible for participants who select Danish to also have the speaker feature in Danish as well.
Another tool is that the courses are segmented, which the speaker feature is adapted to. This makes the courses and app much easier to navigate for the participants.



To accommodate participants with dyslexia or limited reading and writing skills, our speaker function reads the text for the participants which lets them follow along easily.


To simplify the overview of the course material and translations, we have divided the courses into sections. This is furthermore to make it easier for the participant to follow the text, when it is being read aloud.



It is possible to repeat the course material and exercises infinitely, until the final test is reached.

Introductive Video

The onboarding process is of pedagogical character and guides the participant through an introductive video, which prepares the participant for the content, structure, and goals of the course.



Instructive Video

Regarding mediation, we believe that visuals are a decisive factor. Therefore, we have attached instructive videos to our courses, featuring our multicultural staff performing the exercises correctly. We believe that the diversity represented in the videos resonates with the participant and invokes a feeling of recognition.

Guide Video

To instruct the participant in preparation for the exercises, games, and overall material, a Guide Video will be attached to every new section.


Multiple Choice

Every question is in Danish. By using the sound feature, it is possible to have it translated into the participants’ mother tongue. An additional sound feature is integrated into the Multiple-Choice game, where the participant learns how to pronounce the words in Danish

Single Choice

Every question is in Danish and can be translated into the participants’ native language. Again, the participants will learn to pronounce the words via the sound feature.

Puzzle Words

Business-related terms, translated to the selected foreign language. The participants must connect the term to the correct word out of a selection of four different words, in Danish. If the answer is correct, the participants will move onto the next exercise. If wrong, the participants will be asked to re-do the exercise until they find the correct answer. An additional sound feature is added here, which lets the participants understand the word through their chosen foreign language. This furtherly helps improving the Danish language skills of our participants.

Puzzle Cards

Like Puzzle Words, the sound feature is integrated into the game. The comprehension of the participant is furtherly enhanced by pictures, which helps improve the Danish skills of the participants as well.



We have gathered the most frequently asked questions below. For additional questions, you are more than welcome to contact us

See the guide “How to sign up for E-asylearn” above.

E-asylearn currently supports 11 different languages.
Ukrainian, Pashto, Turkisk, Arabic, Urdu, Swedish, Norwegian, English, Somali, Tigrinya and Danish.

There is currently no limit to how many courses you can sign up for.

When you have been granted access to a course, you have 30 days to complete it.

The courses are divided into three parts.
Course material, where the participant is introduced to the subjects of the course, as well as important information required to pass the course. This information could be the required temperatures for heating or cooling down foods, as well as the required hygiene to avoid spreading of bacteria.

The courses have the four following types of exercises:

• Puzzle Image, where the participant learns by pairing pictures with the correct sentences or words. There is a speaker feature, that reads the text or words aloud in Danish.

• Puzzle Text, where the Danish words or sentences must be paired with corresponding words or sentences in the language chosen by the participant. Here, it is also possible to use the speaker feature.

• Single Choice, where the participant must answer yes/no questions. It is possible to have the questions read aloud in Danish.

• Multiple Choice, where the participant answers questions with multiple choices. The participant can also have the questions read aloud in Danish.


The final test is like an exam, where the participant answers several questions that test their knowledge of the material and subjects in the course. The test consists of a combination of the 4 different exercises mentioned above. When the final test starts, the participant has 60 minutes to complete it. When the test has been passed, it is possible to be granted a certificate as proof of passing the test.


Contact details: KHRS Academy Vibevej 20,3. tv. 2400 København NV
Phone: +45 35 36 22 09


KHRS Academy hands out the certificates for the passed courses. For the courses INSTA 800 and NIR, the certificates are handed out by Andersen Contol.


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