KHRS Academy

We help people OUT of the system and ONTO the labour market through upskilling and competence development

At KHRS Academy we connect immigrant citizens to the labour market and support them through every phase of their development. Our foundation has since 1981 been based on an inclusive and diverse culture, which today consists of more than 67 different nationalities.
Thus, we have created a multicultural DNA and regard this as strength when it comes to the recruitment, upskilling, and development of immigrant citizens.

Language skills and intercultural understanding are key aspects of successful integration and workforce increasing projects. These exact things are what we have created over the last 16 years, along with municipalities, job-centers, boards, companies, and politicians.

The citizens we integrate and help onto the labour market are primarily people with a non-western background. They may have arrived as refugees or are already residing immigrants, who have lived in Denmark for several years, but are apprehended from entering the labour market. This can be a result of health issues, language issues, cultural barriers, and lack of general knowledge of the Danish society.

The License Package

Subscribe and choose freely from our wide range of upskilling and industry-oriented courses on E-asylearn.


4 Week Program

Clarification, upskilling, and job placement assistance in one single four-week program.


Retention and mentor support

Two hours a week of support from a mentor, who will motivate and support you. The mentor can assist in case of language barriers or help the participant prepare for a job.


2 Week Program

A short and intense program focused on the creation of a CV and then job placement assistance towards the end.


Our staff exemplifies the culture of our company and express visions for the future. This underlines the values that are the foundation of our company. We are serious about working with development, with the individual as the focus. We believe, that when a person is the best version of themselves, are motivated and in balanced, anything is possible.

Find your footing on the labour market

Project “The Gribskov Model Point 44”

Akin to the Swedish project “Integration I Sommenbygd.” The idea of education and upskilling already started back in 2006.

Project “Business Center”

This project was launched in 2008 in cooperation with Copenhagen Municipality.


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