Focus on welcoming and integration of displaced Ukrainians

The 24th of February 2022 became a turning point in European history, when Russia invaded Ukraine and started an offensive war in Europe. Here well over a month later, Russia’s invasion and combat actions in Ukraine has meant that many Ukrainians have fled in security in other countries in Europe, including Denmark.


The Danish parliament have on the 16th of March 2022 passed a special law (the Ukrainian law), that gives displaced Ukrainians temporary residence- and work permit in Denmark for up till 2 years.


At KHRS we recognize the emergency situation, where a as yet unknown number of Ukrainians need help, not only with accommodation but also help to built up a new everyday life in Denmark.
We are impressed by what the Danish civil society is capable of in this extraordinary situation, and it shows that the Danish society can show both togetherness, helpfulness and the ability to set aside own needs to help people in need.


We as a company would naturally also want to help, doing an effort where we can.

Therefore, we are already now in the process of integrating the Ukrainian language into our E-learning app E-asylearn and are about to get our educational material translated into Ukrainian.

Our educational app will be relevant I relation to those Ukrainians who are unskilled, and who have a need of learning the Danish language, while simultaneously having a wish of a quick entry to the Danish labor market.


At KHRS we welcome the Ukrainians and are looking forward to the work of matching Ukrainians with relevant job openings. We have a great experience of clarifying and upskilling refugees and immigrants for available jobs, and we have many years of experience, helping people on the edge of the labor market into ordinary employment.

Via our E-learning platform E-asylearn we currently have 24 qualifying and job-oriented courses, where it is possible to become upskilled within the areas of: cleaning, hotel- and restaurant, kitchen- and canteen and the healthcare sector, where there is currently a need of labor. If you as a municipality, job center or unemployed are interested in knowing more, you can read more about E-asylearn and KHRS Academy here.

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